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In November 2012 the Sex Education Forum (SEF) will turn 25 years old! Over the next 12 months we will be blogging about our campaign ‘Sex Ed Matters’ and host a variety of guest bloggers who will contribute to the campaign of why Sex Ed Matters along with reflections of the progress of the SEF and Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) over the last 25 years.

Alongside this blog we will also be launching our Facebook Page as well as our new look website, along with regular tweets via our twitter account.

So make sure to follow/like/share us and keep up to date on why ‘Sex Ed Matters’!


Posted August 10, 2012 by sexeducationforum in Sex Ed Matters Campaign

2 responses to “Welcome to Sex Ed Matters

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  1. Sex Ed matters to me, because it’s about keeping young people safe. It’s about empowering them, reducing their vulnerability, protecting them from bullying, eliminating prejudice and intolerance, preventing them from becoming victims and instead inspiring them and enabling them to become the healthy, informed, fulfilled and accepting celebrants of adult life that we know they can become.

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